Alexis Siroc is known for her innovative and collaborative approach to all things design. A graduate of Pratt Institute’s School of Art & Design, Alexis began her career in the early 1980s working for several of Manhattan’s most respected graphic design firms, including Chermayeff & Geismar and Donovan & Green. From there, she opened her own design studio, segueing into the book publishing industry. For more than a decade now, Alexis continues to design photo-driven and illustrated books in categories ranging from decorating and entertaining titles to young adult, lifestyle and gift books. Her client list includes publishers as diverse as Warner Books and Oxford University Press.

About six years ago, Alexis added website design to her vast repertoire, becoming one of the few graphic designers to successfully make the leap from print to the Internet. She brings the understanding that a website serves as another platform for a client’s brand or identity, much in the way corporate logos have for more than a century. And it’s this insight, coupled with her passion for evolving design, that allows Alexis to blend her distinctive style with a client’s needs—creating a signature site that enhances the individual brand.

Not unlike the progression her graphic design has taken from print to digital, her work as a painter has evolved from paper to iPad. A selection of her paintings are featured here.

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